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                                              RMS Post Dry Dock Assessment.
Over the years, RMS has had the privilege of attending many dry dock projects throughout the world.  What is the one consistent observation we’ve had?  The chaos that occurs as the project reaches the deadline for refloating.  Many times, the contractors and project managers are up against hard deadlines which demands they push people and materials to the limit.

At this point in the dry dock period, the crew is often rushing to get the ship ready for refloating and passengers.  This a critical time for the safety of the vessel due to uncompleted projects, left over materials, and exhausted and frustrated personnel.  Testing of newly installed systems becomes the priority.  However, checking existing systems for damage or proper operations is often set aside.  No one has time to check all the safety equipment, storage of materials or the mundane items like verifying the proper functioning of the OWS, ventilation dampers, fire screen doors, etc. 

At the so-called completion of dry docks, RMS has observed vessels getting underway with CO2 systems out of service, locking pins in life boat davits, fire dampers not operating due to unrelated work, and smoke extraction systems blocked with debris.

Growing concern on this subject prompted RMS to develop the POST DRY-DOCK ASSESSMENT PROGRAM.  In the last few days of the dry dock RMS attends the vessel and sails to the first port to ASSIST the crew with checking and testing of all systems.  This allows the crew to spend their time addressing the issues rather than trying to find them! 

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